Food Truck Friday: Naked Chorizo



As I said on Wednesday I was craving tacos on Tuesday. Really badly. I checked the food truck calendar that morning and saw Naked Chorizo. I had looked at the truck before (not the site) and I knew that they had tacos. Yay!



So I ordered. There was nobody else there so you’d think it was easy but I had to say “soyrizo taco” like 5oo times and the guy just couldn’t understand me. “chorizo?” no “burrito” no “lumpia” wtf dude. I don’t know if I had a bad case of the mumbles or he just didn’t get “SOY TACOS, I NEED THEM NOW”. He got kind of snippy with me. He didn’t understand the guy behind me as well so I doubt it was me. He just wanted some lumpia. I almost felt like I had to step in but since he didn’t understand me I felt like I had to let this guy struggle.



Let’s break this down. I didn’t look at photos. I wanted tacos. I’m spoiled rotten I guess because if I was to spend $5 at my local taqueria I would get too much food. My regular meal is $3.80 (price increase) and I’m wobbling out after that meal. So I figured $5 would crave my taco craving and leave me wanting an afternoon siesta. Instead I got the smallest tiny tacos in the universe. I’ve heard about these tiny tacos before in the wild but I had yet to come across a tiny taco. Or two tiny tacos for $5. I almost cried (I was hungry, I get emotional) and ate my barbie tacos and thought maybe I was too fat or something to get real sized tacos.



Now, I would have ordered like ten barbie tacos if they were amazing. You know, chorizo or soyrizo in my case is spicy and burn your mouth off tasty usually. This was homemade soyrizo and it was crumbled tofu cooked a bit in a sauce. That wasn’t spicy. And it didn’t have much flavour. And I almost cried again because I didn’t want to go up a floor for hot sauce. And the grilled peppers were not hot. There was no mouth burning in my 4 measured bites. And it was bland.

So I went upstairs and had a peanut butter sandwich. After I wiped my tears. My coworkers already think I have issues. Hey, if they had gotten bland barbie tacos they would have issues too!

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