Vegan bread pudding

I was going to do a “What I Ate Wednesday” but I’ll be in SF tonight and won’t get home until after midnight most likely. And I didn’t record what I ate yesterday so that’s not going to work out. Not that I’m against writing a blog post on my phone, I’m not, but I’m going to hang out with friends and I thought I might like to pay attention to them and have fun! Who knew?

So instead I’ll talk about something pretty darn easy. And tasty. Bread pudding.

Let’s be honest here. Bread pudding is pretty good but I rarely have stale bread around here. I know, but if I’m going to have bread in the house it’s going to get eaten, mostly by me. Plus, there’s always toast. The only time we run into stale non-edible bread is generally the everything bagels I buy for the husband and I don’t really like them much. However, we had some hotdog buns that were needing to be used and I decided on bread pudding.

Vegan bread pudding-2

This recipe for Vegan Bread Pudding is super simple. I used almond milk since I had that on hand as well as raw almonds. I think next time I’d use roasted almonds with at least a bit of salt. The raw almonds were fine but they didn’t give it much flavour., they just happened to be the first ones I pulled out of the cabinet. I made a half batch (well, 2 hotdog buns) and I got 3 little bread puddings in my small ramekins. I need bigger ramekins by the way, 4oz is way too small for delicious desserts 😉

Vegan bread pudding-3