bunny buns-2

Last year I had grand plans to make a loaf of bunny bread. As in, bread shaped like a cute rabbit. Okay, for a few years now. And I didn’t. I don’t know why I felt like I had to do it around Easter, my blog is bunny filled year round. Still, I never did.

bunny buns-3

So I was planning on making dinner rolls and I had a ton of sourdough starter to use. King Arthur Flour had an easy buttery sourdough bun recipe to try.  I used all of the starter but I halved the recipe. It turned out great and I got 7 bunnies. Some were fatter than others, 8 would have probably been uniform. One of them is masquerading as Batman, don’t mind him. He lost his parents in an alley attack and is still broody.

bunny buns

I skipped the melted butter and paprika step since I wanted them to stay together and not roll apart. The dough still came out really tender and fluffy but I can imagine the “buttery” flavour (since I use margarine) that these would have as regular rolled dinner rolls.

bunny buns-6

This recipe is a keeper even if I do need to work on my bunny skills. Batman got knocked off first, just so you know. I have to keep my killer bunnies under control and we can’t have a vigilante on our hands! Poor Bruce.

bunny buns-7