Bryanna’s Vegan Tourtiére (Quebec Meat Pie)


Happy Pi Day! 3.14. It isn’t official or anything but it’s truly dorky so I have to celebrate. I made a savoury pie this time. Actually I made 2 pies but I’m going to separate the posts. Sometimes you don’t need to mix sweet and savoury posts.

vegan meat pie

Anyway, pi day. Meat pies are kind of foreign to me. I decided to step cautiously into this genre with someone I trust: Bryanna. Plus, it’s a Canadian meat pie so I felt a bit more comfortable. I can handle a Vegan Tourtiére! I can do accents on my damn keyboard, that’s half the battle.

vegan meat pie-2

This was the perfect use for my new cast iron pie pan. I already love this thing and it’s brand new. The crust came out awesome. It was flakey and tender. I think it might handle a fruit pie alright, but I’m not sure about a cream pie. Who knows. I’ll just have to try it out.

vegan meat pie-7

Okay, let’s talk about the pie as opposed to my love affair with the pan. Sorry. The pie was awesome. I did skimp on the cinnamon/cloves/allspice/cloves because honestly I’m not a huge fan of those spices in savoury foods. I added some thyme instead and it was a good idea.


vegan meat pie-3


vegan meat pie-4

The pie is easy to make however I forgot to take into account how salty my no-chicken broth was when I added salt. It was a bit salty for me only after it had baked in the crust. Before the second bake I thought it was okay. Next time I’ll be more conservative with the salt since I really notice it in foods. The husband didn’t find it too salty at all which means it was probably fine and I’m just a bit sensitive.

vegan meat pie-6

All together though it was a fun recipe. It serves a ton and it would be perfect for a picnic since it is great room temperature. The husband heated his up (he didn’t have directions for me on eating it room temperature) and he liked it that way as well. Serve with a side of veggies and maybe some potatoes and you’ve got a great Sunday meal.

vegan meat pie-5

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