What I Ate Wednesday 2/6/2013 & Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 6

Peas and Crayons

2 birds with 1 stone for this post! Since it’s a daily eats post it’s perfect for What I Ate Wednesday. Today, if we started the plan on a Monday would have been the weekend. It shows because breakfast was a breakfast taco. While this sounded really good I didn’t have a half hour to cook. Especially the hash browns. So I had Rips Big Bowl cereal with a banana.

engine 2 day 6

Lunch was hurried because I had a doctors appointment. Before I left for that I had leftovers heated in the toaster oven.

engine 2 day 6-2

I came home with a new plan for my damn medication (yay 6 weeks of headaches, ugh) and was kind of hungry. I had a banana. I couldn’t stop thinking about peanut butter. Like, I started to obsess. Last time this happened was the great fall of Ideal Protein with a huge binge so my brain was telling me to get some fats. Sorry diet. I had 2 of these tablespoon fulls of peanut butter while putting away my CSA Box.

engine 2 day 6-3

engine 2 day 6-4


Since I got home early the dinner and dessert planned tonight was okay to make. I started on the chocolate mousse pudding and when the blender was dirty I made a protein shake before the gym. Honestly, it made it a bit too sweet. Maybe that’s the peanut butter talking! I was still a bit hungry though so I knew I needed something else. I had a great workout. Really pushed myself but didn’t hurt my injury. Unfortunately, when I got home I wasn’t really hungry for dinner.

engine 2 day 6-6

Dinner was Lynn’s Meatloaf. I halved the recipe since I didn’t want to be eating meatloaf for every meal. The husband generally won’t go near it and even admitted since I called it meatloaf he wasn’t eating it. Unfortunately, it still made 6 texas muffin cup sized meatloaves, so I have some to freeze. It was really good. I took it out of the tin and it fell apart but it was really good. I like this recipe, I just have to call it a “casserole” or something.

engine 2 day 6-7

Dessert was chocolate mousse, it was actually tasty. I dig it! It’s pretty much the same as the lime mousse with a tablespoon of cocoa (again, I made 1 serving) instead of the lime and zest. I wasn’t really hungry so I should have left it in the fridge. It was probably the protein shake plus the peanut butter and banana. It was too tasty to leave in the fridge. Now I’m overfull and happy.

engine 2 day 6-5

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