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Today I went to a Non-Dairy Milk & Cookies party. Just a quick get together at a friend’s house, mostly to taste test a lot of non-milk milks so that nobody had to buy a whole carton and gag through it all. There was real milk (as a tester for those who cared), Lactaid milk (which is real milk, but they wanted to compare it with normal lactose filled milk), goats milk, almond, sunflower, coconut, rice, hemp, flax, oat, and hazelnut. I think that’s them all. There were a ton circulating. Hazelnut is now on my list of favourites, and it’s going to be made into a hot cocoa. THINK OF IT! CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT COCOA. Do it. Now.



Quick photo of 3 of the hosts. That’s Basil is giving me the shifty eye. He knows I’m trouble and kept count of how many cookies I was eating. Felix was busy getting ready to cry. What I learned today about babies? Bouncy chairs rock, and they love to be snuggled up in a wrap on mom. It’s like I’m almost a pro now with all these tips!



But of course there’s no milk party without cookies! Above is the regular table complete with girl scout cookies (which have shrunk and gone down in count size) and other home made treats. Below is the gluten-free table and I made the ones up front. Recipe soon, I have to try it again to see if they bomb or really do work. More cookies and milk were added in the few hours we were there, I just wasn’t up for updating the photos (there was a damn tasty gluten-free coconut shortbread that I liked). I had a fun time and everyone wrote comments and judged the milks. Pretty fun idea for a casual get together in the afternoon.


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