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Want a quick look into what to do when you are blogging? Check out Christi’s article on Blogging Etiquette And How To Market Your Blog. I just want to talk about some things for a bit that have been on my mind.

Like number 2. Never ever ever use someone else’s content.

Honestly, in the past few months I’ve seen more and more recipes on people’s blogs that are “adapted” and “inspired” by someone else. Fine. That’s totally cool (and normal, how many cinnamon buns are going to be super original), however when these are 99.999% identical to the original recipe or say have an 1/8th of a teaspoon difference in one ingredient it doesn’t make it your own. Omg, you used 1/4 cup of sugar instead of 5 tablespoons? *rolls eyes* Seriously. I have a muffin recipe bookmarked to try and I found 4 “inspired” recipes that were 100% the same, including the recipe name (hence how I found the damn recipes). That’s kind of bunk. Of course if you want to change things up, change baking methods or something new go ahead. I’m not the recipe police but if you are going to republish a recipe at least give a shout out to your source (with a link, please don’t be a non-linking asshole, and don’t add a no follow, that’s rude) and don’t call it your own.

If that was the case, almost every single thing I bake on here and post links to instead of re-writing would be mine for the taking. As you know I change some recipes a LOT. Because well, most of the recipes I make I veganize. I even change scale and sometimes substitute at least half of the ingredients. I feel strongly that the original source (or at least the last one I found, to be honest I don’t know how much they ripped off) should be credited and given a link.

I think that one is my biggest pet peeves. Nobody has ever said “Oh Shannon, I kind of hate your blog because all you do is bake other people’s recipes”. I try to be real on my blog. I try to be honest. I try to let people know when I find something cool on the internet that they should enjoy too. I don’t need all the credit. It’s not mine to take. It’s also led me to meeting some great people who want to help me fix what went wrong in their recipes. They found my “oh wow, that was a flop” posts because I linked to them. More than one author has been amazing in helping me fix my issues to produce a better product and some have even changed their recipes based on other testers.

So, if you want to try one of my recipes please don’t be a douche. Link back to me, don’t republish the whole recipe on your blog with no changes and call it your own. Don’t use my images without asking (though they are pretty shitty, so you must be pretty desperate to steal a point and shoot photo). Be a contributing part of the blogging community not a pain in our ass who can’t play well with others.


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  1. I feel this way a lot of the time too. It’s so frustrating to see people using recipes I know are copied directly from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar, and not mention that they are from someone else’s cookbook?!
    I always try to cite everyone even if it was just the inspiration for something and I used totally different recipes. People can be so inconsiderate!

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