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Happy Valentines Day! I Baked Some Of Grandma’s Short Bread.

Happy Valentines Day! Yeah, it’s a bogus holiday, but it’s an excuse to post an old photo from Meramec Caverns where I look very pasty for July. I wish you all well and hope you all have a little bit of tolerance for chocolate and pink. I got some great surprise gifts (a kickass new wallet with kitties who shoot laser beams from their EYES, a skull oven mit set and a freaking awesome dalek shirt) and not a bit of chocolate. Going to take a rain cheque on that.

grandmas short bread vday 2013

However, it is such a great excuse to bake so I decided to whip up my Grandma’s Short Bread recipe. I made them a lot bigger this year and iced them with some cream cheese icing for a change. The dough could have used a bit more flour so if you make this and it’s a bit humid in your kitchen feel free to add a tad more. They turned out fine though, just a bit annoying to cut with a cookie cutter.

grandmas short bread vday 2013-3

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  1. Shannon says

    Those are too cute! Shortbread is one of my favorite cookies. I love how subtly sweet it is.

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