Final Day! Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 28

engine 2 day 28


So, the final day on this “diet”! I guess it is a diet, but I really didn’t see it as such since I already eat mostly vegan. Did I lose weight? Yep, 2.8 pounds. That wasn’t my goal however. My goal was to cook more, to stop just living on fried stuff or take out. It’s a slippery slope eating out and I needed to get back to cooking. I was mostly successful on that.

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I think the meal plan and diet are a bit vague. Not vague in what you can’t eat, that’s pretty set in stone but more vague in the meal plan. Sometimes the meals didn’t have veggies and nowhere in the book did it say to add them. I like to eat veggies with all of my non-sweet meals. There were a lot of days where the meal plan was a burger and sweet potato fries. I don’t consider sweet potatoes veggies, more of a starch. Anyway, it was interesting.

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I was more of a “cadet” on the plan than a “firefighter” since I did eat cheese on Valentines day and did eat peanut butter when my body told me to shut up and eat peanut butter. I didn’t strictly avoid oils either but I didn’t go out of my way to add them when I was cooking. As you can see I went out for dinner tonight which is a bit of a fail but also I made a good choice. The main thing to learn is that I can go back and have something else (like onion rings) at another time. Every meal out doesn’t have to be treated as a special event. Where I deserve fried foods at every meal out or dessert.

I look forward to moving back into intuitive eating. It was hard to eat intuitively on this program since I followed the meal plan. I couldn’t have that piece of chocolate when I wanted it and I would obsess. If I was following IE, I’d have the piece of chocolate and move on. I’m glad I did it and know how the program works. I do prefer McDougall programs but I got some interesting recipes out of this so it’s not a complete wash. Plus, tacos! Tacos are great!

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