Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 8 – Start of Week 2!

Well, it’s been a week. Surprisingly I’m down 1.7 pounds (it was more earlier this week, mmm… cookies). Honestly this is pretty darn close to my regular eating habits that I’m not expecting weight loss. Things have been pretty easy but cooking all of these different meals is a challenge. I’m really good at making 1 thing and living off of it for a while as the husband eats frozen food. Honestly, he hasn’t been interested in these meals, I don’t blame him. Pizza tonight though so that should be okay.

engine 2 day 8

Breakfast was Rip’s Big Bowl. Same old, added a banana. The more you let it sit the soggier the cereal gets but it soaks up the almond milk. It’s a tough call. I don’t like soggy cereal but I don’t like milk either. Hrm.

engine 2 day 8-2

Lunch was supposed to be another pita pocket. Since I threw out the last one I treated myself and bought a sandwich from the downstairs cafe. Just a ton of veggies on bread (I opted for wheat instead of my favourite dutch crunch), nothing special. Well, some balsamic vinegar, that’s pretty special I guess.

engine 2 day 8-4

And dinner is when I’m using the pitas, for pizza. Salad and pizza for dinner, happy Friday. Except I forgot to make salad. I snacked on almonds instead of salad. Oops.

engine 2 day 8-3

The menu was yogurt and fruit for dessert again, I’m pretty sure this cookie is calling my name.

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