Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 5

Okay, day 5 and things are getting dull. Well, dull on the blog, I’m sorry. I just want to document this as best I can. This is why I don’t write my day-to-day stuff anymore like I used to on LJ or my other blogs. I’m dreadfully boring and whiny.

Breakfast I was looking forward to: oatmeal! I haven’t had oatmeal in ages. I ate it every single day for at least over a year (multiple years at a time). I whipped it up classic Shannon style with raisins, half of a banana and baking spice. Okay, the recipe on the menu is for “hot lap bowl” so I went ahead and made my regular oatmeal. If I had other fruit in the house it would be ideal but I’m stuck with citrus and bananas right now. I guess compared to the recipe my oatmeal is dull. I just really like my oatmeal *shrug*.

engine 2 day 5

Lunch on the menu is Basic Tacos. I don’t know man, tacos take a lot of putting together in my book. If I ate at home things would be so much easier. Instead I had to bring every ingredient, heat and assemble. Kind of a pain in the ass but totally worth it honestly.  I used field roast as a base since I’m still going through my loaf and added leftover black beans, salsa, carrots and pea shoots. They were mighty tasty! Happy Taco Tuesday!

engine 2 day 5-2

Dinner is set on the menu as Portobello Mushroom Burgers. As a vegetarian for many many years (er, 28? dunno) these are the most boring thing ever. However, they are good for beginners. Everyone feeds them to you. I’m totally tapped out on them but I did grab some portobellos so I made a sandwich with them adding peppers and onions as well as roasting some garlic with them. Woo. I did toss them in some fat-free TJ’s balsamic vinaigrette for flavour.  I wasn’t really looking forward to dinner anyway. Oh yeah, just say no to sweet potato fries, I had white ones. I’m going to hell. Oh well.

engine 2 day 5-3

Dessert on the plan is fruit with oat-nut topping. What’s oat-nut topping? Dry oatmeal and walnuts. Seriously. Epic. *rolls eyes*. Maybe just because I really don’t like walnuts. Over bananas and canned mandarin oranges as the fruit choices. I’m kind of understanding why people hate vegans, even low-fat vegans. I guess since the plan has a dessert every day they have to drop the ball, but wouldn’t it be easier to make one nice recipe and uh, have a little bit each night if you need that? I’m probably just skipping dessert, tomorrow is chocolate mousse day. If I do end up with dessert it will probably be just a banana, I have way too many at the moment.

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