Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 4

Well, last night after dinner the raw kale caught up to me. I felt so sick. Blah. Sometimes kale is just really hard on the system. I had to get up and eat some plain toast and take a gravol just to keep my stomach from revolting (and I was a little hungry too). It took me forever to get to sleep because of my stomach.

engine 2 day 4

I woke up super groggy from the drugs and little sleep. Thank goodness breakfast was just planned toast. I’m out of bread now (didn’t plan that well, so Wednesday I’ll have to mix up breakfast). I can’t say it’s an epic deal.

engine 2 day 4-2

engine 2 day 4-3

Since I didn’t have stir fry leftovers and I couldn’t stomach anything green I just packed some beans & rice for lunch. I forgot my veggies, I did plan some broccoli. Oops. I was so hungry at lunch that I ate this all and then had to dig into 2 satsumas.

engine 2 day 4-4

But it kept me full all afternoon, I knew I shouldn’t work out without fuel but I didn’t want anything. I took it very easy and I was still kind of sore. Had to modify a lot but at least I went to the gym. I had a protein shake with a banana and about 3 cups of spinach for dinner. Kind of a fail, protein powder isn’t on plan and the only veg I ate today was spinach. I don’t have energy to cook honestly. Hell, I don’t have energy to cut veggies for a salad, nor do I want one. I need the calories though so I’m being good and doing something. You know it’s crummy when I don’t want dessert which is lemon sorbet. Don’t worry, I’m so subbing a dessert this week for sorbet, I love sorbet! Damn, I could have put that in my green monster! Foiled again!

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