Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 3

Happy Superbowl Sunday. I’m in the Bay Area and the 49ers played so things are kind of crazy around here. I generally DVR for the commercials honestly but last year I watched a bit of the game, it got close. We didn’t have a party, we rarely go to one since we both don’t really watch sports (I make him watch the Olympics and he gets pretty cranky after a few days).

Today the husband tackled Ikea with a friend (we have a truck) and I lazed around and cleaned up a bit. My ribs still hurt and I’m still pissed off. I’m going to the gym tomorrow so I’m again putting off any sort of hike or exercise that might flare it up and push my healing back. No abs tomorrow, I doubt I’ll have a hard time remembering that.

Breakfast: basic cereal. Time to bust out the Shreddies! Yay! I had them with blueberries.

engine 2 day 3

At lunch I was kind of hungry which is weird honestly. I blame it on the cereal. Lunch: Open faced sandwich with hummus. Easy, I still have a ton of this hummus to get through. I added cucumbers, a bit of carrot shreds and pea shoots. I love pea shoots. They are probably my favourite. I added a blood orange as a side. It was meh. Kind of sour. This is why I kind of hate oranges in general. You rarely get a good sweet one around here for some reason. Now I have 3 more blood oranges to place my bets on.

engine 2 day 3-2


Lunch didn’t really hit the spot so I snacked on some really bad watermelon. Yeah, I need to stop buying watermelon in the winter, I know. I had hopes. I ended up tossing the rest, it just didn’t taste like anything. So very sad.

engine 2 day 3-3

Dinner was out. Man my photos are shitty today. I forgot my camera and it was dark in Calafia. I’d never been before and I was pleased to see about 50% of their options were vegetarian. I got the Raw Deal Salad. It had olive oil but hey, it was worth it. It was very lemony as well which generally turns me off but it worked with this salad. I even liked the walnuts, it really added to the texture.  I didn’t do dessert tonight, the menu was an apple anyway and I’m pretty sure I can handle skipping that.


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