Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 26

engine 2 day 26I wasn’t as hungry as I assumed I would be this morning. Not saying I wasn’t happy to have some oatmeal, but I wasn’t ready to kill someone on the highway on my way to work because of low blood sugar. It’s the little things. Honest.

engine 2 day 26-2I had lunch plans with a friend and then a stupid 1pm meeting showed up on my calendar last minute. I really wanted soup but nope, they don’t have vegetarian soup in the cafe downstairs. So it was salad. I added a sprinkle of peanuts because they rock. Duh. Edamame showed up on the salad bar today, that was a nice change.

engine 2 day 26-3
And because I can seem to fill myself up with salad and yet be hungry at 3pm, I raided the snacks upstairs. Tuesdays and Thursdays are nice with hummus, crackers, veggies, nuts, cheese and all that fun stuff. made up a little plate since I was going grocery shopping. I still did a lot of damage but at least I didn’t buy the shop out of Easter candy or chips. It’s progress.

engine 2 day 26-4Dinner I had already had enough veggies and didn’t want to cook anymore. The menu plan is a lentil burger with steamed potatoes so I heated up a veggie burger with potatoes. Woo. I really like pickles on burgers, can’t you tell? No dessert, I wasn’t feeling it.

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