Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 25

engine 2 day 25

Today I was super sleepy. I didn’t feel like making breakfast so I just had some fruit salad at work. I got the last bit. Figures, nobody ate any last week and this week it was a hot commodity. I did eye the bagels but I wasn’t really hungry so I passed.

engine 2 day 25-2

I have to admit I was pretty darn hungry at lunch. And uh, my lunch shows it. That’s a regular dinner plate. Much bigger than last nights dinner. And I finished it all and didn’t feel uncomfortable. I guess I needed that.

engine 2 day 25-3

So yeah. I needed something before working out. I thought I’d have a bit of peanut butter, it sounded fantastic. So after a moment (or 10) alone with my peanut butter I put it away. I’m guestimating about 400 calories, more than I wanted in a “snack”. Oopsie. However, I had an excellent workout! I had planned that big lunch to help fuel it plus some peanut butter about 45 minutes before really did the trick. However, I was in no way hungry for dinner so I’m skipping. I might have a piece of fruit or something later but it’s almost 9pm and I’m not hungry. I’m looking forward to breakfast tomorrow which is oatmeal. It’s not like I didn’t have enough calories today anyway, they just were not spread out traditionally.

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