Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 24

engine 2 day 24For how much I ate yesterday I woke up hungry. Had a bowl of shreddies and I’m really digging the added fruit instead of sugar. Not that I added a lot of sugar but I’m totally getting used to it, I’ll probably keep this habit.

engine 2 day 24-2


But I had cereal so lunch couldn’t come soon enough. Instead of an open face sandwich I had a salad without salad greens. In a huge mixing bowl. There’s a whole cucumber, a whole red pepper, half a cup of chickpeas, about 2-3 oz of smoked jalapeño tofu (that one is a guess) all tossed in some hot pico de gallo. Totally what I was craving, just veggies.

engine 2 day 24-3I really wanted something sweet and earlier this week and had a craving for rice cakes. I know, weird. I’m kind of weird in the craving department. I picked up some cinnamon toast rice cakes by Lundberg and honestly these are way more mild than any flavour of Quaker rice cakes. No big deal but they are kind of crumbly too.

engine 2 day 24-4Well, since I didn’t have many carbs for lunch I doubled up for dinner. I made a chickpea curry (chicken for the husband) and had it with brown rice and naan. Broccoli on the side. Quite satisfying.




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