Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 23

engine 2 day 23


Saturday used to mean sleeping in, but I started tennis this morning. I got up early to eat beforehand. I can’t work out on an empty stomach. I had the last of the Rips Big Bowl cereal. That’s done. I doubt I’d buy it again, it’s okay but I don’t love the flax in it, makes the milk weird.

engine 2 day 23-2


engine 2 day 23-3


I made a big sandwich out of my last pita too. Smoked jalapeño tofu, salsa, and pea shoots. I decided it wasn’t enough so I had a handful of chips and a peach on the side after I finished the sandwich.

Went to a non-dairy milk and cookies party (I’ll do a recap later). I ate 4 cookies plus some non dairy milk. I didn’t bother taking a photo of what *I* ate, but I did get a new recipe out of the deal. I need to write that up, the cookies turned out pretty good.

engine 2 day 23-4


Dinner was at Soley Vegan. It was honestly going to be at the Mac & Cheese place but there was a huge line and I wasn’t up for that. However, dinner took over an hour to reach our table after ordering. They kind of forgot about us. I got lentils, bbq tofu and black eyed peas. I wish this stuff came with a slice of bread, I don’t like cornbread and I’d even take classic white bread. I ate a lot of the husbands seasoned fries. Tried a new “chips & dip” which was not very good, so I’m not even counting that. I ate about 8 chips and some of the weird tofu stuff on top. Meh.

Obviously no dessert, I had that in the afternoon! I still haven’t tried the darn desserts at Soley Vegan… one day.

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