engine 2 day 22


Wow, almost forgot to blog today. It’s Friday and the start of the last week of the Engine 2 diet. I feel like it’s messing with me and my main goal of Intuitive Eating. However, pushing some of my food ideas with new meals is a good thing. Breakfast was Rips Big Bowl. I have 1 serving left. That’s 5 weighed servings in a 7 serving box. I see what you did there Engine 2, punks. My scale does not lie 😛

engine 2 day 22-2


engine 2 day 22-3


Huge salad from the cafe downstairs. I brought my own chickpeas and tofu. Just some balsamic vinegar and it was tasty. Wasn’t super filling funny enough so around 3pm I had 2 kind of bruised nectarines. It was maybe 1 and a 1/4 by the time I was done picking out bruised pieces. I couldn’t help it. Dinner was pizza again. No complaints, except the husbands pizza with cheese looked way better. Mine had the last of the tofu, mushrooms and fake bacon bits. It was crispy and worked.

engine 2 day 22-4


Now, off to bed. I have an early tennis lesson. I hope I don’t freeze my butt off, it’s outside and there has been frost on the cars in the am around here. Brr.

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