Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 21

engine 2 day 21


Today started off too bright and early to drop off the truck to get maintenance. That means I had to drive south on 101 (mega traffic), then north on 101 (horrible traffic) to get home. Then back north on 101 to work (same crappy traffic). 101 blows. I didn’t make breakfast before I left and was just going to grab some cereal. And then I got busy and lunch was close. So I busted open my chili (chili dogs were on the menu for lunch, I can’t imagine fixing veggie dogs at work) and I had it with some corn chips.

engine 2 day 21-2


And then I had to go south on 101 to pick up the KEY to the truck during rush hour again, then north back home to wait for the husband. Then south with the husband in crappy traffic to pick up the truck, then north to home (and food). Yeah. I’m pretty sick of 101 traffic. Sorry. The menu had a huge salad so we went out to dinner and I got a big salad with a black bean burger patty. I freaking deserved it. Dressing on the side, used maybe 1/4 of it, it doesn’t need much.

Just got home so I’m going to zone out and pretend I’m not driving. The mileage wasn’t super far but it was annoying. I’m generally not phased by traffic but today there were some rockstars on the road. There’s a crisp on the menu for dinner but I really don’t want to deal with cooking anything. I’m sure I’ll live.

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