Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 20

engine 2 day 20


Today probably would have been a lot better if I had prepped more. French toast for breakfast though? I had to prep the chili for the slow cooker for dinner. I honestly couldn’t do both and get to work at a decent hour, especially after a crummy nights sleep. Oh well. I rocked the Raisin Bran at work and avoided the bagels, I wasn’t up for another bread breakfast.

engine 2 day 20-2

engine 2 day 20-3


And then dinner leftovers. Yeah, meh. I won’t buy these veggie burgers again and honestly chips are way better with lunches. Unless you have a lot of time. I tend to eat and work so staring at a toaster oven isn’t cool. Before I left work I had a huge apple so that I had something to run on for my workout.

engine 2 day 20-4


Dinner was chili and I made my favourite crock pot chili since I use fat-free refried beans to thicken it and no added oils. I didn’t bother with onions either, just went super easy. The photo is kind of washed out but I really wanted to eat. And I didn’t look at dessert until after dinner. Oh! Cookies! You know even tired and worn out I wasn’t going to skip cookies! I forgot to press them down and honestly I think there was too much applesauce in them to make them stellar. They were alright, mostly because I use awesome chocolate chips. But not an Engine 2 recipe I’ll be keeping.

engine 2 day 20-5

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