Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 2

engine 2 diet

Happy Saturday! Today was just a bit sloth like so sticking to the plan was pretty easy. I love toast so this diet is pretty rockin’. I got to start with toast and a banana for breakfast. Done.

engine 2 diet-3

So the only thing I had left from last night was some salad. I was supposed to have a pita wrap with the leftover gnocchi but the pasta didn’t make it. I decided to make a field roast sandwich and while I cut enough for a full sandwich I ended up only with 1 piece of bread. I just didn’t feel like having that much bread today. It’s all good, it was just a fat sandwich.

engine 2 diet-4

Oh dinner! I love beans and rice! Unfortunately this recipe for Black Beans And Brown Rice Extravaganza is kind of boring. It wouldn’t have been so boring if I had all the toppings I guess. I don’t like avocado so that was out. Cilantro is kind of banned in our house. I cut into my CSA bell peppers and they were bad (totally weird!) so I had to leave those out. I did add onions and garlic to the beans themselves to zest them up when they were cooking. I added salsa and corn and was really missing some veg so I steamed some broccoli.

engine 2 diet-2

I honestly had no hope for the dessert. Lime mousse. Uh huh. Tofu and maple syrup…woo. It actually was pretty nice. I only made 1 serving and probably added a tad more maple syrup than called for and used the whole lime and juice which made it extra tangy. It turned out pretty tasty. Kind of reminded me of key lime pie filling.





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    1. Wow, thanks so much! I wish you lived closer too. It’s hard to find balance when you love to bake and sit on the couch, believe me. These posts are probably going to be a bit boring but pretty darn real. I can’t wait until day 7 when there’s a cookie recipe!

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