Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 18

engine 2 day 18


I only have 10 days left so I figure I might as well stick it out. Well, try. Today was a holiday and it was nice to have time to relax. I’m getting kind of bored of toast for breakfast though. Not that I don’t like toast but if I’m hungry for breakfast (which isn’t always the case lately) I want something more filling. Today wasn’t a huge deal since I wasn’t that hungry.

engine 2 day 18-2


Lunch was to be leftover stir fry and I didn’t take my leftovers home from the restaurant (I ate half the order). I opted to grill some tofu, a bit healthier and have some swiss chard along with it. It was easy and now I have more grilled tofu leftovers. I seasoned the tofu with Northwoods seasoning, it’s pretty tasty.

engine 2 day 18-3


I had the day off but knew I should still go to the gym. Honestly lunch was kind of tiny so about 5pm I had this bar. It was a bit too salty for me honestly but I knew I needed the fuel. Maybe the other flavours are better. There is another protein bar that is like this (rice krispie treat like) that I used to get, I’ll have to look up the name again. They were really damn expensive so I think I blocked it out.

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Dinner on the plan was a burrito. I had to grocery shop so I did what any lazy person who had just worked out for an hour would do at the grocery store: I had them make my damn burrito. I have to say that the San Mateo Whole Foods kind of sucks at making burritos. Cupertino has it together. I freaking miss the Cupertino WF. *sigh* They just have better food prep and better products. I couldn’t even get coconut milk yogurt today, they were all out. Nevermind they don’t carry the coconut milk greek yogurt I prefer. I’m just glad they didn’t charge me $7 for my beans, rice and salsa today. Thanks girl, even though you need some burrito practice. That’s seriously all it was: black beans, brown rice and pico with a bit of hot salsa. That was not evenly distributed. Ugh. They were out of wheat tortillas so I went with white flour. Sue me. I don’t like the gluten-free one and I didn’t want a bowl. I wanted to get out of whole foods.

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