Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 17

engine 2 day 17


I don’t know, maybe I’m giving up on this challenge. Today I woke up pretty late and was hungry. Cereal on the menu, totally fine. However cereal never fills me up. Which is why I was glad lunch was only 2 hours later.

engine 2 day 17-2


I really wanted sugar. I decided to have a big bowl of blueberries and a blueberry coconut milk yogurt. I ended up putting a bit more cereal in this. I was hungry. *shrug*

For dinner we kind of planned last minute to go out and see a movie with a friend. Pad thai was on the menu and I was actually going to go to the store to make it tonight. So thai was on my mind and we ended up trying a new place. And then I got my regular which is fried tofu. I’m honestly not a big pad thai fan anyway and I can’t resist fried tofu. That’s kind of why I say I’ve been giving up on this challenge. The challenge is to cook more yet I’m starting to see my old “going out” pattern. The husband doesn’t like what I make most of the time so going out is something he prefers. *sigh* I’ll find a balance, and maybe a less greasy one… my stomach kind of hurts.

engine 2 day 17-3


engine 2 day 17-4

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