Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 16

engine 2 day 16


Happy Saturday! Today was bike shopping again. I still can’t decide what I want. Oh well. I got to rule out one as the husband gave it a good thumbs down during a test drive. Hell, I didn’t even like sitting on it when it was running. That’s kind of a bad sign.  I started off with toast before we hit up some dealerships.

engine 2 day 16-2


engine 2 day 16-3


We got home around 2pm and I was super hungry. At least I had leftovers! But they sucked. A lot. I ate a few bites and then ate a huge bowl of strawberries. Blah. Well, the strawberries were okay, I just hate it when a meal doesn’t turn out. I talked the husband into sushi for dinner. I’ve been craving a vege mix roll for about 6 weeks now. We were going to go on Valentines Day but they were not taking reservations and it’s packed on a normal night. We went early enough tonight that there was no wait. And I got my vege mix roll. Which happens to be deep fried tempura goodness. Pay no mind, I try on this plan, really. I didn’t get 2 which is good, balanced it out with some Oshinko. These rolls are huge, this was my full meal even after a slow day of eating and I’m full and satisfied.

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engine 2 day 16-5

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