Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 15

engine 2 day 15


My stomach was a horrible mess this morning. I ended up hungry even with the cramps around 10 so I had a Rips big bowl. This in McDougall world is known as “McDougall’s Revenge”. Go low fat for awhile and then have a huge fatty meal? Don’t worry, your body will get revenge. Ugh. I didn’t bother weighing today (Sundays are the day I record anyway) since I knew there was so much water weight going on it would make me sad.

engine 2 day 15-2

engine 2 day 15-3


So I wasn’t very hungry at lunch. The menu plan was soup, but I ate it all yesterday. Ramen to the rescue. This one is okay. I kind of dig the regular McDougall cups a bit more but I got these on Amazon so I have a few more to get through. I also had a snack of rice crackers, not even a serving left at my desk. Oh well.

engine 2 day 15-4


Dinner was a bit surprising. I made the menu item which was Mushroom Stroganoff and was too lazy to make salad to go with it.  The husband actually had some and liked it, but he wanted it a lot more saucy. It just wasn’t saucy at all, even when I added extra almond milk and liquid. Oh well. I used Barilla plus pasta again, I like it. I did add some vegan worcestershire sauce too, because well, I had some. Dessert was a huge apple. The perfect end to a better day. Here’s hoping I feel better tomorrow.

engine 2 day 15-5

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