Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 14

engine 2 day 14


Happy Valentines Day. I set out to start this day on a good foot. Oatmeal for breakfast. Always good, always filling. And lunch was good too, leftover soup! It kept me full with all of the treats in the office.

engine 2 day 14-2


However, I couldn’t resist another 2 cookies. I mean, they were sitting beside me all day. No problem though, I kept it moderate.

engine 2 day 14-3


And then dinner happened. The husband was 40 minutes late. So I sat in a restaurant by myself on Vday and well, sat. The asshole beside me addressed the husband and said “hey man, thanks for making me look good”. What a fucking dick. I mean, he’s screwed up a lot more than being late for dinner in the past. But thanks for being a moron and making me feel awesome, Mr “I ordered a Russian mail order bride”. Don’t worry sir, it was obvious. I ate bruschetta. That part wasn’t planned. I ate pizza when he finally got there. That was the only veggie option, and I was okay with it. I ate chocolate cake, because well, they had chocolate cake.

engine 2 day 14-4

engine 2 day 14-5

engine 2 day 14-6

It’s hours later and I still feel like death. It wasn’t just the cheese but the fact that I WAY over ate. WAY. Like, I ate almost all that food shown. WTF? I was mad and stressed but still. I’m thanking $deity it was only one meal, only 1 day. Leftovers aren’t a factor and honestly I don’t want to eat for a long time. Okay, until breakfast when I know I’ll make a smart choice. I just wish I had stopped when I was ahead. *sigh*

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