Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 13

engine 2 day 13


Happy 13th day! I decided on oatmeal today since it was on the menu yesterday. I had strawberries and bananas which make for some great mix ins. Started the day off quite well. And then it got crazy busy at work. Totally fine, it’s always great when I’m busy.

engine 2 day 13-2

Lunch was, well, leftovers. I didn’t have any fries but I did have an apple the size of my head. Seriously, the burger isn’t small. There’s some crazy genetic things going on with grocery store apples, lemme tell ya. Anyway, it was sweet and I ate it all.

engine 2 day 13-3

Wow, I really should have taken time to get a better photo of dinner. The menu was fajitas but I wasn’t feeling it. Plus, after a failed workout I really didn’t want to do much. I made a soup with onions, carrots, swiss chard, garlic, and lentils. Spiced it up with some Tuscan Seasoning from Penzeys and brought it together with veggie broth. It was actually really damn good. Soup is on the menu for tomorrow but I’m going out to eat.

Speaking of tomorrow I made cookies and had to test them. I used the last bit of dough to make testers and um, had to test them. At least they are small!

engine 2 day 13-4



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