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Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 12

engine 2 day 12


Happy Pancake Tuesday! I moved the oatmeal off the menu until tomorrow to have pancakes. These are reheated in the toaster and reheated pretty damn well. Of course, if I go to make a big batch of pancakes they won’t turn out so I’ll just take it one step at a time. But at least I got to celebrate Pancake Tuesday!

engine 2 day 12-2


Lunch was freaking boring. Rice, chickpeas and salsa tacos. Lame. I had 2 peaches and they weren’t even ripe. Meh. I was avoiding the sugar in the office when I had the second one. Came home and ate a few undocumented spoons of peanut butter. I have no idea how I picked this one up again, it must be “diet” mentality. I don’t like doing this, it’s really weird.

engine 2 day 12-3


Dinner was just okay. I made menu item which was the New York Times Burger. Bummed I used my last can of black beans on this recipe. They were just kind of boring, needed some spice. Totally fine when eaten with a huge piece of pickle though. The burgers themselves lack in flavour, even after adding way too much garlic and a half an onion. I did leave out the cilantro, maybe they really need it. Oh well. And I have 9 more patties to get through. I was hoping these would be a big winner so I made the whole recipe. *sigh*

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