Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 11

engine 2 day 11


Let’s be honest. I had cake for breakfast. I know, I know. I honestly wanted to try the King Cake before I brought it to work. Good news is this is all I had. As it sat right beside me. All day. That’s kind of a success.

Now that I got that out of the way, I did have a healthy lunch and dinner. Lunch was leftovers and honestly it was damn tasty. This stir fry from last night reheated well. For a snack I had to have a peach though, I was still hungry.

engine 2 day 11-2


engine 2 day 11-3
I went to the gym tonight and had a good workout. I’m doing really well pain wise. Dinner on the menu was burritos but I only have 1 can of black beans. I opted for chickpeas and they were tasty. And kind of random, but tasty. I want to save the black beans for black bean burgers so that was my option unless I wanted to go grocery shopping.

engine 2 day 11-4


Well, even though I’ve had enough to eat today I did want dessert. Finally the sorbet came back onto the menu so I dug in. Sort of. check out this mini bowl I got from Pampered Chef! So cute! So tiny! It holds a scoop and that’s it. That’s all I really wanted so it worked out. I wasn’t planning on dessert since I had cake for breakfast but hey, it was low sugar and fat-free 😉

engine 2 day 11-5


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