Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 10

engine 2 day 10

Happy Sunday! Got a bowl full of Shreddies and a banana! I think if I use enough exclamation marks I can make myself seem perky. I’m not. Shreddies do make things a bit better but it’s kind of a meh day.

engine 2 day 10-2


All I really wanted for lunch was chex mix. Just one of those days. In another reality I would have just had this for lunch but I decided to be good and have an open face sandwich with my chex mix. It’s the little things some days. Hey, just sticking to plan. Trying to combine my intuitive eating with the plan.

engine 2 day 10-3

And speaking of the plan, fruit was for dessert. But I wanted it in the afternoon so I had an apple the size of my head. Seriously Monsanto, there is nothing natural about an apple this size. It was tasty but I felt guilty. Hrm.

engine 2 day 10-4


Dinner was stir fry and I’m such a dork I started making brown rice before I noticed that the meal plan had soba noodles. Total bummer. Not that I don’t like rice, but I really like soba noodles and I have some in the cupboard. Totally whipped this up quickly with bok choy, baby carrots, mushrooms and broccoli slaw. Easy peasy and lots of leftovers.



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