Engine 2 28 Day Challenge: Day 1

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I’m not sure how I’m going to do this. I feel like I should document my days and my eats. I’m trying to follow the meal plan as a guide to help me make some different things and get in the kitchen and cook again. I went to Whole Foods last night and found pre packaged Engine 2 cereal! I hear they have the hummus too, I wonder what else they have. I picked up one of the cereals (they had 3 flavours, I went with original) so I didn’t have to go out and buy a bunch of cereal to mix and match. It was kind of worth the $5 since it was less of a headache. One weird thing I mentioned briefly before was the portions in this diet. The recipe for the cereal is at least 1 cup of cereal plus 1/4 cup of add ins like nuts/raisins and then the fruit. The serving size on the packaged cereal was 1/2 cup and that’s with everything mixed in. Hrm. I went with the half cup measurement since I knew there was fruit at work to mix in. I was going to add a banana as well but those always go quickly so I only had a peach. It was tasty with unsweetened almond milk.

engine 2 diet

Lunch was as prescribed as well. A wrap with the Engine 2 hummus I made last night. When I went to eat this I was immediately reminded why I don’t buy pitas, especially whole wheat pita pockets. They are dry as hell. And the hummus? Well, it was… pasty. And not as in the brit savoury pie, but as in had the texture of paste. Yeah. To be fair, if I had a good pita it would have been a lot better. Hummus really works better with oil and tahini though. I’ll try to finish it off but it’s one thing that just doesn’t really work well even without a tiny bit of oil. I didn’t end up eating most of the sandwich. I added the satsumas because there was no side with lunch and I’m glad I had them.

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Okay, I did veer off the menu plan, first day too. I just really don’t like Gnocchi. At all. I also don’t love 100% whole wheat pasta so I went my regular route with Barilla plus. Sure, it’s white pasta but it’s got extra protein, fiber and omega 3’s. 10 grams of protein trumps the whiteness. Huh, I have linguini but it isn’t on their site. I don’t want to talk about how old this box could be…oops. Oh, the salad is a “basic” spinach salad with chickpeas. I used the Trader Joe’s Fat Free Balsamic, so lazy, give me a break, we usually eat out Friday nights.

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I should of had more salad but hey, I saved room for dessert! Also having 1 real portion of pasta when I was hungry was pretty awesome. Dessert on the plan was soy yogurt with frozen cherries. Okay, I subbed again and went with coconut milk which is a bit higher in fat but it tastes SO much better. Some soy yogurts (okay, most) are kind of slimy. I would have gotten the greek coconut milk yogurt but they don’t have it at my closest Whole Foods. Boo.  And now I’m totally satisfied and done with the day. Time to put my feet up on the coffee table and just chill out.




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