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4th Annual Vegan King Cake! Happy Mardi Gras

king cake 4-2

Happy Mardi Gras! As tradition dictates, I made another King Cake. Kittee’s recipe is pretty awesome and I changed it up a bit this year by making it with cream cheeze and homemade strawberry preserves.

So? Honestly, I really like the cinnamon sugar original cake flavour better, but I do have secret love affair with cinnamon so I’m biased. I brought this to work and everyone inhaled it saying how much they loved it. It was tasty, but I did like last year’s cake better. I overfilled it so it leaked everywhere so I doubt I’d make this kind again. I don’t understand moderation in filling so that’s my fault.

king cake 4


The tragic part of the cake is that it had no baby! I had extra babies stashed from my cake last year. I even have an all gold blinged out baby I planned to use. I can’t find the damn things! They are hiding from me, those bastards. So This cake had no baby and I’ll just have to make another one next year *sigh*.

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  1. Shannon says

    I just made several king cakes for the bakery. I did a raspberry cream cheese this year. And included the ugliest babies in the world. I couldn’t find one that looked a little less creepier.

    • Shannon says

      The creepier the better!! I bet the raspberry was fantastic!

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