green monster

I’m still down for the count with the plague. Lucky me. I thought I could at least share with you what I’ve been ingesting for the past 10 days, which honestly hasn’t been much. The problem is that for the first week I didn’t want food. Nothing. I wasn’t even hungry. Since I follow intuitive eating this is rough because I have to make myself eat but with zero cravings I’m just at a loss most of the time, or forget.

What do I eat when I don’t want to eat? Green monsters. Pretty much a protein shake with lots of added fruit and greens for vitamins. This time around it has been hard since I’ve been avoiding anything creamy or cold. I just don’t want either, they make me feel worse. However, my weight is dropping a bit more than the expected water weight so I need some more calories (while I’d love to lose a real 10lbs like any woman I’m not going to do it when sick, my body needs calories to heal right now). I cuddled up with this baby this morning while I worked on reports. I’m okay enough to type so I can get a bit of work done but my hacking is enough to keep me at home and under the blankets.