What I Ate Wednesday 1/16/2013

It’s Wednesday, and I only know that because my calendar told me. Still sick. I was ready to go back to work today (not so contagious but I still sound “amazing”) but I had a fever. My doctor said I would probably be sick a month but not contagious after about 10 days and a lack of fever. Enough body. Enough. For breakfast I considered the banana but ended up with 2 grapefruits supremed. I need practice, okay plus I’m sick. Whatever. To be honest I couldn’t dig out the grapefruit spoon from my miscellaneous cutlery drawer.



Lunch. Didn’t want lunch. Knew I needed lunch. That browning banana was haunting me so I had that and a ramen bowl. Exciting. Still not up to much cooking obviously. I worked from the couch all day.



I got hungry around 5 and I wasn’t sure if we were eating leftovers (re: the husband had some leftover pizza) or if we were doing something else. Snacked on some Chipotle Maple almonds from Naturebox. Awesome.



Dinner was leftovers, except I didn’t have any. I went with some boiled potatoes, steamed broccoli and jalapeño smoked tofu. I could handle boiling whole potatoes. The rest was microwave friendly.



I’ve been dying for sweets the past few days. I don’t have any 🙁 . No baked goods in my house. I still don’t feel like baking but I hope to bake this weekend. My CSA gave me some fruit and I had some prunes for added sweetness. Yeah, I can eat prunes all day and have nothing happen. Go figure. I love them though, probably my favourite dried fruit. It didn’t kill my sweet tooth but I’m totally done for the evening. Man, I wish I had some cookies. *sob*


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