The Engine 2 28 Day Challenge

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Okay, I’m done with being sick. I’m done with feeling like crap because I swear I’m never healing. I’m fueling the fire by eating like crap which in turn makes me feel bad and then I have a brilliant cycle going on. I’m totally over it.

I got an email from Whole Foods about a NorCal Engine 2 28 Day Challenge. I signed up.  The Engine 2 diet isn’t really much different from what I already do honestly. It’s kind of McDougall light. Which means you can eat bread and nuts and avocado if that floats your boat. So way less restricting than McDougall on a whole. Whole foods, vegan. The thing is that it will 1. get me cooking more and 2. cut way back on the sugar and fried foods I’ve been craving.

I’m not really looking for weight loss or much to change in the way of numbers. My total cholesterol is already at 135.  I’m going to the doctor next week and it looks like my TSH is way higher than I like it to be so there will be a change in meds anyway. I’m just looking to get back into the habit of eating a bit cleaner (as in, veggies with my hummus and not corn chips) and eating out less.

So February will be dedicated to eating better. Getting rid of the last of this sickness and taking care of myself. Working out! I’m considering trying to follow the menu, it depends on how much of it I think is appetizing. Week 1 looks okay. The portions seem kind of big honestly, so I’ll have to figure all that out as I go.

However, next I’m posting a cake recipe, muahahah! Stay tuned!

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