I honestly hadn’t heard of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf until I started at this job last year. We have a lot of tea here, both loose and bagged. I really have been working on the loose but since I broke my tumbler (it’s been replaced, don’t worry) I started looking at the bags in the cabinet. They are local which is a huge plus in my book and I was looking for something light.

I found an herbal which really suited my mood. The Lemon Chamomile was as pretty as it was tasty. The bags were high quality and packed to the brim. There  was a lot of dusty bits though which left a film on my tea but that’s fine. It didn’t have to steep long at all and I got 3 great mugs out of one bag. I’ll have to check out the other bagged teas we have from this company, minus the chai and warmer spiced ones. They seem pretty popular in the office but I just don’t really like them myself.


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