own party

On Sunday I went to a Houseparty.com party. It was really fun! It was an OWN “You Glow Girl” party so lots of fun pampering. I was pretty excited to hear that OWN is local to me, and I love local.

own party-2

Sarah hosted a really great party. Lots of food, drink and of course fun things to do. The OWN company didn’t just shill their products on us, they actually encouraged us to make our own masks and try them on. They gave us quite a few recipes and we opted for making the banana honey and cucumber yogurt. Not vegan but eh, I only put one on my arm. I have to say the cucumber was pretty cool and refreshing!

own party-4


I’ve been using the nighttime lip therapy (I generally wear lip balm to bed) and it is very nice. Unscented and in a rolly ball so it’s super easy to apply without a mess. I like this one so far. It is the dark blue one in the first photo, I forgot to take an individual photo of all the fun samples I got.

own party-3

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