Eat the Rainbow Black Bean Soup-2

My brain still is on a bit of auto pilot so I actually followed a recipe for soup. This is kind of rare, usually I just throw things in a pot that look like they go together and maybe look at a recipe for what spices they used.

Susan never leads me wrong so I tried her recipe for Eat the Rainbow Black Bean Soup. I didn’t have a jalapeño or cabbage but it didn’t really matter. Honestly, it was missing a bit of a kick but I survived. I also used a portabello cap as my mushroom of choice. I cooked it on the stove and let it sit a half hour with the lid on after it was done. Super tasty and I have a feeling it will be better after it sits. A half batch fed us both plus some extra for lunch sometime. I liked that I halved it so I’m not eating this soup for a week but honestly it was pretty good so I wouldn’t have minded.

Eat the Rainbow Black Bean Soup

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