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Crisp Chocolate Chip Cookies

crisp chocolate chip cookies

I’m travelling today dreaming of these cookies. And I’m mentally going through my pantry to see if I can make them again tomorrow. I think I have everything, but you never know when you’ve been away for a week. It’s true, I tend to like puffy cloud like chocolate chip cookies but I was on the hunt for something different when I first made these. And I really found a great recipe! This recipe for Crisp Chocolate Chip Cookies is honestly wonderful.

crisp chocolate chip cookies-2

What’s going on with these cookies? Margarine. It helps them spread to be crispy and wonderful. I did push mine down a bit but then they went on a spreading spree unlike Heather’s. That’s fine, I totally dig that. It was probably due to the fact that I used egg replace plus margarine instead of egg and butter. It doesn’t matter. They¬†caramelized¬†and got chewy yet crispy. I made a half of a batch and got 6 big cookies. I didn’t need more at the time but we hosed through these quickly so I’m feeling kind of bad that I didn’t make a full batch. Or make them smaller. Smaller? Nah. Screw that. I’ll just go make more!

crisp chocolate chip cookies-3

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  1. Heather says

    Thanks for sharing my recipe!! Now I’m sitting here going through my pantry in my mind, too ;) These may NEED to be added to the list of Valentine’s Day treats to bring to the office.

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