Cappuccino Mousse Pie

cappuccino mousse pie

I don’t like making pie. It’s official. Or I need a ton of practice which I’m still not sold on putting in the effort. Yesterday was the official National Pie Day and we had a pie bake-off at work. I made a Cappuccino Mousse Pie from Vegan Pie In The Sky. Why? Well, because I don’t really like cappuccino and I wanted to make something I wouldn’t eat a ton of since I don’t really like pie anyway.

cappuccino mousse pie-2

That kind of turned out to bite me in the butt. I made a big pie and a mini pie (to test). The mini pie didn’t set so I assumed the big pie wouldn’t be set. I cut into it for the photo since it was no skin off of my back and it held form… mostly. WTF? I went to consider bringing it to work and when I put plastic wrap over the top it took half of the layer with it when I went to reposition it. Never meant to be.

Grr. So I had cappuccino pie for breakfast because I felt bad about tossing the piece. And it was okay. The husband really likes it but he really likes coffee. I’m a poor person to judge but I should have just sucked it up and brought it to work. Next time I will, no matter. The crust was great…woo?


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