maple syrup candy

Maple candy. One of my favourite treats. Whenever I’m around duty free (or in Canada) it’s always so tempting. So instead of having to wait until my next visit I busted out my maple leaf mold and made my own. It’s a bit gritty if you’ve never had it, the sugar crystals start to reform when you are stirring it to give it that texture. It’s pretty awesome in my book. You can use American maple syrup I guess if you HAVE to, but you can get Canadian syrup in the US. Don’t use table syrup from your favourite “Aunt J”. You need maple syrup.

Canadian Maple Candy Recipe


  • 1-2 cups pure maple syrup grade A or B
  • 1 teaspoon margarine


  • Coat the rim of a small saucepan with the margarine, it will help prevent boiling over
  • Get your pan of choice ready. You can use a baking pan or small individual molds. Coating with a light layer of oil might help get the candy to release but it might change the colour of the top of the candy (it won't affect the flavour). If you are using an 8x8 baking pan I suggest 2 cups of maple syrup at least. You can cut it into squares when it is ready. Silicone molds are an awesome choice for this candy.
  • Boil the maple syrup until it reaches the soft ball stage, 240 degrees
  • Remove from heat for 5 minutes, leave it alone
  • After 5 minutes start to stir the maple syrup, it will start to bubble and eventually start to change to a lighter colour and get a bit of texture. Pour into your molds or baking pan quickly. It will start to cool and seize up quite fast.
  • Let set until fully cooled and then pop it out of the molds or cut into squares.


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