Bay Trail: Sierra Point (Brisbane) to Oyster Point (SSF)

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I feel kind of like I’m cheating. Well, I *did* cheat since I said I wasn’t going to work out until February but that’s not the point. Is it hiking when there’s a lot of paved trail? Is it even trail? Well, the Bay Trail is right outside my door at work. At least part of it. This day I did 4.75 miles of the 400 miles.The 4.75 was way too much for my ribs.

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Even paved. Oh well. I headed south today towards South San Francisco (starting in Brisbane) so I travelled from Sierra Point to Oyster Point. If I do the Sierra Point loop that is north of my building it is 1.5 miles. I wasn’t up to even the 4.75 I did plus it was so foggy I wouldn’t have been able to get you the nice SF photos. I work across from Candlestick Park and you can generally see the Bay Bridge. Not today so heading south seemed like a good idea.

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This day was nice and gloomy. Gloomy weather means no extra sunscreen. I wear sunscreen every day but I didn’t have to worry about catching extra sun. And honestly nobody was out. Generally there are office workers on their break but I only got passed up by a runner who I think must have been training for a marathon (she passed by me three times!). Good for her! I was just trying to breathe with my stupid rib issue. Oh well. I did end up turning back a bit early because the trail was flooded but I was almost to Oyster Point anyway.

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As I said there are a ton of offices over here as well as hotels. I work really darn close to the airport. The trail has lots of signs as to what is going on with the area, wildlife and history. Plus benches and good places to sit around for lunch.

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I saw a pelican today and a ton of these American Coots. They look like black ducks. Whatever. The sign told me what they were. See? Very informative. This trail is very easy and the only problem is that I wish it looped. Oh well. I hope to catch up with the other 490 or so miles of Bay Trail I haven’t seen yet. I’ve covered Brisbane to South SF but there’s so much more that I’m sure it will have some cool views.

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