What I Ate Wednesday 12/26/2012


What I ate no-kitchen style. And no veggie style. This is a crappy day but I’m going to be honest here. It was obviously a vegetarian day. And to be honest, I feel sick. So stupid. Oh well. Started out with a “protein” bar. Not vegan plus tasted like crap. I need to hit up Whole Foods for some breakfast stuff. This came from Walgreens. I thought it was a good idea. It has whey powder in it and tasted bad. Boo.



Okay, lunch was awesome. I love Crazy Bowls & Wraps, or CBW now. I generally get a “zesty beans and rice bowl” (pictured) or a stir fry veggie one that’s a bit spicy. This is a fast food joint that has quinoa and brown rice. Why are they not in California? Ugh. The beans are my favourite so I went there thinking I’d get some veggies at dinner. We hung out in our old hood waiting for friends to finish up errands and it didn’t turn out in our favour. Oh well. At least I got Crazy Bowls!



And dinner. We went to Trailhead, a brewery in St. Charles to meet up with friends. I wasn’t feeling a salad, it’s bloody cold out. I wasn’t feeling much besides nachos so that’s what I got. I feel like utter crap now. Oh well. The chat with friends more than made up for my twisty stomach. Tomorrow I should eat some veggies. No, I WILL eat some veggies dammit.



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