Vegan Espresso And Triple-Ginger Cake

gingerbread cake espresso icing

Let them eat cake! I saw this Vegan Espresso And Triple-Ginger Cake on Bryanna’s blog and I knew I couldn’t miss out. Even though I hate coffee. Seriously.  Hate coffee/mocha flavour.

gingerbread cake espresso icing-2

But I took one for the team, or in this case, coworkers. It was the holidays, things were festive and I honestly love gingerbread cake. Eat my fill, and then slather the rest in espresso icing so I don’t eat it all. It sounded like a brilliant idea to me.

gingerbread cake espresso icing-3

This cake was so easy. The icing was easy. I didn’t add near the amount of candied ginger (as you can see) but it was enough. True to my tastebuds I didn’t like the icing but everyone else raved about it. And came back for seconds. And whined when I was out. I had a piece here for the husband who didn’t eat it right away and the icing separated a bit on day 2, so I highly recommend the fridge for these or ice it on the same day you will be serving. It’s pretty humid in my house and that probably has something to do with it but watch the icing.

gingerbread cake espresso icing-4


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  1. That cake looks so delicious. Thanks again for the invite to the cookie party. It was a lot of fun. And I loved all of your friends. Have a great Christmas and an even better 2013.

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