Triple Chocolate Scones

Mm, chocolate. Some days you just need it. So to cheer myself up I made Triple Chocolate Scones last week. I used margarine, almond milk and I mixed up an egg replacer because I was sure they would benefit from the lift. Chocolate almond milk would have been great here.

Triple Chocolate Scones-2I forgot to line the sheet with sugar, it’s not needed when you use a silpat anyway. I also didn’t have enough chocolate left over for the glaze so I just melted some chocolate chips and sort of piped it on there. Yeah, I need to do a better job of that next time, they look kind of lame but I was in a rush to eat them. Don’t skip the chocolate topping because they really need a bit of sweet. Unless you overboard the chocolate chips on the inside. I was running low so I skimped, I needed chocolate on top. I really need an emergency chocolate stash. I go through it so fast and I’m not about to put on shoes to go out to the store at night just to get some more!

Oh, and these tasted great! The texture was nice but got a bit dry the day after. I always make scones the day I’m serving them so I generally don’t have an issue.

Triple Chocolate Scones

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