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Source has been on my list for quite a long time. Funny thing is when I last worked in the city I was a block away from this place, had it existed (Baker Hamilton building). Now, it’s just a bit out of the way and parking always kind of blows around here (and Zynga, and Adobe…and so on). I wonder if the hot dog guy is still on the corner of Division and Townsend at lunch…hmm.


Anyway, we made it in for a late lunch and even got a parking spot around the block. The menu is a bit overwhelming as 1. I can eat almost everything on the menu and 2. it’s kind of long and diverse. Plus, you order at the counter so it’s a bit of pressure. They do have full service after the ordering process, but they don’t have iced tea or regular (brand name sugary) cola. Hippies.


The husband got the taco pizza. He was overwhelmed with the lettuce as he’s not a lettuce fan. However, once he rid the pizza of the offending greens he said it was really tasty. It had some fake taco meat under all that stuff. I had a bit of and found tasty. Order this, minus the lettuce. It’s super messy.


I got the bahn mi which I was expecting to be like my regular tofu baguettes I get at Lee’s or Little Green Cyclo. Nope. This was a full on sandwich on ciabatta (I love ciabatta) with a ton of chikn and pickled veggies. The veggies made the sandwich a bit soggy so I had to eat it fast. The french fries were¬†phenomenal¬† Amazingly greasy and wonderful.


There are a ton of options here so we’ll be back. A pretty big and diverse menu, check it out before you go and don’t feel the pressure I did! It didn’t overtake my husbands favourite restaurant Souley Vegan (Souley Vegan and Millenium are tied for him honestly) but it was great for a bite to eat. Next time I’ll try the juices too, that seems fun.

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