Bread Bakers Apprentice: Portuguese Sweet Bread

Portuguese Sweet Bread

Okay, I browsed many a post on this Bread Bakers Apprentice bread and it was a flop for a lot of people. What that generally tells me is that it’s going to fail in my kitchen. I don’t take it personal. So I busted out my skull pan because I thought it would be funny to make skull rolls instead of a loaf. The bread had a problem rising for a lot of people and was dense. I figured dense skull bread was acceptable. But it failed.

Portuguese Sweet Bread-2

It failed because the bread rose like a dream. The second rise proved to be amazing, even after only two and a half hours. It was squirting way out of the skull pan and blooming all over the place. This bread loved the substitutions I made. Egg replacer for the egg (it needed lift), soy milk powder and no shortening (just double margarine). The inside of the bread was a pillowy gluten wonderland. I grew up with Portuguese Sweet Bread and this was pretty darn close. The texture was right but it’s true just like vegan challah it was missing that eggy taste.  I didn’t do an egg wash I just went over the buns with margarine when they were hot out of the oven. Perfect.

Portuguese Sweet Bread-3

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