I’m honestly getting discouraged here. These darn baguettes. Sure, they look okay. I even thought I was being to gentle with my dough so I manhandled it. Pulled it taught for a nice skin. Still… the same inside. Same consistency I generally get. Wtf bread? This is tasty but not a baguette in my eyes. Looking at other posts mine is just a tad more dense than others so I guess I shouldn’t feel so bad.

The dough was as described, sticky but not wet. I saw bubbles in it so I had high hopes. I guess I deflated them all and they didn’t want to come back. Punks. I had high hopes since they took so long but nope. Just bread. However, they made pretty damn awesome sandwiches so I guess I shouldn’t complain. The next bread is dense so I’m sure to master that one *rolls eyes*.