Note to self: don’t bother baking when sick.

These muffins are a brilliant idea, of course I had to mess it up. I tried theseĀ Apple Speculoos Muffins because honestly I had some mealy apples (I’m such a snob) and was tired of eating mealy apples. I even peeled the damn things. However, I didn’t bake them enough. I did a toothpick test and got lucky where the toothpick landed so it was fake done. I made regular muffins and assumed they were done after about 14 minutes. I was wrong. Totally my fault for this one. They tasted great but they were not done. I more than halved the oil and added a bit of water to make up a nice batter and with a bit more time they would have been perfect. The husband said they tasted more light doughnuts than muffins and that was a compliment.

I’m now out of speculoos so I’m totally bummed that I can’t make them again until I buy more. Oh well. I guess if I had noticed sooner I could have popped them back in the oven but I didn’t check. Not to self: do multiple toothpick tests with new recipes because this recipe would have rocked if I had learned that.