What I Ate Wednesday 11/7/2012

Okay, this is really “What I ate Monday”. I thought I would switch it up on the days I took photos.


I haven’t been hungry for breakfast for a while so I’ve just been eating when I’m hungry. For example, Tuesday I ate lunch at 11:30 and didn’t have breakfast. I’m eating close to the same calories, but not forcing myself to eat on a schedule. On Monday I just wanted a little something so I got a big portion of fruit salad.


I’ve been eating bigger lunches of course if I don’t eat breakfast. Today I decided to be fancy and put it on a plate to see how much was actually there. Funny, that pasta didn’t fill up the tupperware but it sure does look like a lot more on the plate! I should eat off of a plate at work more often, I don’t have to do the dishes here. I’m generally too lazy to go upstairs and get a plate though.


I felt like I needed something before I worked out so I had half of a bar. I didn’t feel strong during my workout. Sometimes I can’t tell if it’s just an off day or off fueling. The pasta should have been perfect but I had to drop down in weight to get things done pretty early.


I wasn’t very happy after my workout but I was still happy about making a sandwich with smoked tofu, garlic hummus, tomatoes and lettuce. Unfortunately I lost the top of my sandwich to the floor. So freaking lame. That was the good crusty heel of bread too. I’m still pissed off about it. Oh, and homemade bread. Totally fab. After I lost my top I cut up an apple and hoped I wouldn’t drop that either.¬†Success, at least for the apple.


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